About us

May 31st, 2013


The Foundation for Jewish Women’s Arts and Letters works to enhance the Jewish cultural content of Jewish art by building a learning community among Jewish women artists.  Richly informed, intellectually and emotionally engaging artwork that communicates the evolving tradition of Jewish thought strengthens Jewish identity and culture among its audience of Jewish individuals, families and communities across North America.

Jewishly-informed art is the blossom and seed of a thriving Jewish culture.

The Foundation was established in 2012 by Hebrew manuscript artist Debra Band, whose work with individuals, couples and organizations across the English-speaking Jewish world has convinced her of the essential role of the Jewish arts in promoting the evolution of Jewish culture in a manner accessible to all participants in Jewish life.  The Foundation for Jewish Women’s Arts and Letters is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity.

Jewish artists should be able to weave Jewish learning into their work—whether that learning involves rabbinics, history, psychology, sociology, musicology, whatever!  And we believe that it is important for artists to build Jewish learning into their regular practice, without taking them away from their work or workplace for time-limited residential programs.  Learning is a part of our work!  We hope to reach out to the Jewish arts world, working with artists, scholars and leaders in American Jewish culture to facilitate the development of ongoing learning communities, accessible within artists’ own milieux. And now we are beginning to host presentations and  performances by Jewish women artists engaged in diverse Jewish expression.  If you are a Jewish woman artist working on Jewish themes, contact Debra by e-mail, or (301)765-6248!

These pages will host information about  our activities, and a blog for us to present our ideas about the role of Jewish learning in our Jewish artwork.

As the Haggadah says, “go and learn”…and flourish!

Lotus bar